Essence Catalog

All Heirloom Nature Essences are lovingly handmade, bottled in “MIRON GLASS”.

This violet glass (almost black) is produced in Europe specifically for highly energetic remedies, providing the best known protection for healing substances, essences and tinctures.

The secret of violet glass is based on the violet spectral range (720-770 Bio herz) which permanently activates and energizes the molecular structure of the Nature Essence. Using the Miron Glass bottles ensures the unique energetic signature of the flower, elemental or earthen essence stored stays intact and as potent as the day it was made.

“There is no true healing unless there is a change in outlook, peace of mind, and inner happiness.”
~ Dr. Edward Bach, 1934


ATTUNEMENT: Assists removal of thought forms of doubt, Lighting paths to understandings & love while charging your field. Allowing greater energy exchanges; frequency shifts accessing higher vibrational levels & Beings.

BEYOND MANIPULATION & CONTROL: Especially helpful for those having difficulty setting boundaries or saying “NO.”

BODY ENERGETICS: Aid in body, muscle adjustments required for ease during transitions learning experiences.

BRIDGING DIMENSIONS: Assists those who do healing work and/or channeling. Brings in the LIGHT communication from other dimensions while allowing you to maintain a presence in this dimension. Assists one to become a clear channel for Light Beings.

CALL TO ARMS: When additional support, armor and/or protection is desired.

CHANGES: Assists in opening the pranic tube, facilitating cranial plate adjustments & shifting perceptions.

CLEARING: Assists in discharging, removing and releasing unwanted vibrational energies.

DIVINE PURPOSE: Unlocking & allowing a deeper understanding of your Divine Passage

EMPOWERING EMPATHS: Additional support for highly sensitive individuals against unwanted energies.

FACING THE VOID: When you’re in the midst of turmoil, feeling overwhelmed & uncertain of “What comes next?”

LYME I, II, III: Energetically supports and assists those suffering from Lyme Disease.

OPENING WINDOWS When releasing miasms, core beliefs and ancestral baggage.

PERCEPTION Helps facilitate unlocking our many eyes to discern the usually undetectable worlds and dimensions surrounding us.

PETS LOSS: Helps ease the grief & offers comforting energy for those in the throws of loosing a companion animal.

PETS POWER: Helps to support our companion animals in fulfilling their challenging role in our lives: not to take on too much of “our stuff.”

QUICKENING: Is enlivening, reviving and causes you to begin to move more rapidly and therefore speed up your Spiritual evolution.

SINUS: Helps to relieve symptoms of sinus congestion and discomfort.

SORROW: When you find yourself moving through.uncertain & difficult traumas, grief or emotional times.

STRESS SOLUTIONS: When you’re negatively impacted by the stimulus of life feeling “overloaded” & “pushed too far”.

THANKSGIVING: Assists the 5 Chakra and CCF clearing for speaking & acknowledging blessings and balancing of transitions to higher dimensions. Opening chakras& turning on switches and plates.

UNFOLDING: Opening, release & allowing help from other dimensions “ We’ve got it covered ..All is right ..bliss.”

WOMB FOR EXPANSION: Assists the development of intuitive perceptions by providing a safe container, a nurturing space, a womb that envelops the third eye.

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