“There is no illness that cannot be cured using what nature has placed on the earth for our benefit.” ~ Edgar Cayce

I’m an alternative health care provider with a keen interest in providing valid and accurate info for natural health and wellness calling Columbia, MD my home.

I’ve developed a line of Flower Remedies called Heirloom Remedies Nature Essences. Some of the other modalities I practice include Biodynamic Cranial Touch & Chakra Energy Clearing.

I’m an animal lover, presently caretaker of Stella & Maris the puppies, Luna the cat & a flock of chickens. Being  an avid gardener and for lack of a better term “flower whisperer” has steered my path leading me directly to the creation of the Nature Essences which go beyond the traditional and better known ”Flower Essences“.

My newest passion is beekeeping the old fashion way, incorporating biodynamic principals utilizing NO chemicals… and as organically and treatment free as possible. Difficult to do when bees routinely travel 3 miles and most of the environment  uses them as standard practice.

Perhaps most important of all…

I believe every one has the ability to capture their dreams, follow their passions …having fun while “working.”

I refuse to do it any other way!