Heirloom Remedies Nature Essences

Nature Essences to Balance Your Energetic Needs

Our business is dedicated to offering you the best products and services available.

We work in service and in cooperation with Spirit and Nature to bring you

“Energy in a Bottle”

Heirloom Remedies Nature Essences are unique combinations of  Flower Essences, Earthen Essences & Elemental Essences collectively referred to as Nature Essences.

Heirloom Remedies Nature Essences put you in touch with your own higher spiritual self so that you may develop at your own pace gently back to health.

Heirloom Remedies Nature Essences are unique vibrational tools used to assist with energetic clearing, attunement and shifting using specimens specifically chosen by Nature.

Heirloom Remedies Nature Essences are gathered only in pristine areas, free from pesticides & chemicals. These particular selections are generously offered from the Nature Spirits & Devas of the Adirondack Mountains in New York & Maryland.

ApothecaryJeri.com offers additional services to support your energetic health. This full range of healing services allows for  the possibility of creating a healing environment specifically suited for your individual and particular needs.

These additional healing modalities include:

Chakra Energy Balancing, Biodynamic Cranio Touch  & Distance Energy Healing Sessions

A gentle blend of the various available protocols is often the most expedient and valuable option. Separate appointments are not necessary for the different modalities offered.

Call or e-mail for an appointment or additional information regarding your specific requirements. I look forward to working with you. It’s an exciting journey.

Heirloom Remedies Nature Essences are  available in a wide variety of  Combination Energy Elixirs and unique Custom Blend Elixirs made specifically for  individuals on a case by case basis. Custom Blend Elixirs are for you and you only containing the blend I intuitively  discern …..it’s your unique “recipe”.

Heirloom  Remedies Nature Essences include: Flower Essences, Earthen Essences & Elemental Essences.